Luuuuke bby

Summer Reading Recap with Nick Offerman [x]

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My feelings tonight on Big Brother.

And she never forgot him…



fuck all da haters

More broccoli. More poops. Gain wings.

Being single…

It really took some time to realize I’d be okay…I mean a whole fucking two hours. I didn’t yell, scream, or cry, I wasn’t mad, I was actually quite happy. It was a good time, but had run it’s course, I look back and see them memories as being joyous, happy and meaningful. But I also learned what NOT to accept and a couple other major lessons. I think we were supposed to meet, we reflected the good in each other and showed one another how to be an even better person. Thanks for the good times. 

PS I’m not as heartbroken as you might have thought I’d be, I literally went home and felt no different then before the “talk”, so it was definitely mutual, and I’m living free, strong, and happy as ever!

Nasty and blahhahhh, period’s frickin suck. UGHHH give me some fucking ice-cream you whore…I mean, I love you sis…now get me some god damn boo boo bubblegum.